Music Express DJ Service Music Express DJ Service Owner Wedding Dance 186211108 Bridal Show My booth at the Down The Aisle In Style Bridal Show in October 2010. 103949820 Fashion Show Music Express was the exclusive DJ Service at the Down The Aisle In Style Bridal Show. This picture was the fashion show portion that we did the music for. 103949821 Ufit A pic of the Bridal Show, fashion show piece, where Gord from Ufit stopped by and got all the girls pumped up!! 103949822 Equipment Trailer The new Music Express trailer, for hauling some of the gear around. 124817666 Equipment Trailer Back decal on the new trailer. 124817667 Stanhope Beach Lodge Ceremony Ceremony sound system setup at Stanhope Beach Resort. 138074848 Bridal Fashion Show Doing music and sound for the 2011 Wedding Place Bridal Show at Confederation Centre. 138081043 P.A. Ceremony Sound Sound services on the Beach at Crowbush Resort, July 2013. 182234609 P.A. Ceremony Sound Sound services on the Beach at Crowbush Resort, July 2013. 182234610 P.A. Ceremony Sound Sound services on the Beach at Crowbush Resort, July 2013. 182234611 Outdoor Wedding Orwell Cove 186210415 Outdoor Wedding Orwell Cove 186210417 P.A. Ceremony Sound Rodd Crowbush 186210418 P.A. Ceremony Sound Rodd Crowbush 186210420 Tent Wedding Dance Outdoor Dance 186210419 P.A. Ceremony Sound Shipyard Market, Summerside 186210421 Benefit Concert Pic of our systems at a recent Benefit concert in Vernon River. 186210422 Cavendish Country Festival We play the three nights of after-concert Music at Razzy's Beach House in Cavenish. 194988513 Tent Wedding Setup Tent Wedding 194988514 Head Table Tent P.A. System P.A. Sound system rental setup at Head Table 194988515 Outdoor Ceremony Beautiful Cottage lot in New London, PEI. Sound system/P.A. setup for Wedding Ceremony. 194988850 Bridal Show Delta Hotel Lobby setup for Live Performers at Bridal Show! 194988851 Stage Setup for Bridal Fashion Show Delta Hotel, stage setup for Bridal Fashion Show. 194988852 Tent Setup - New London Tent Wedding setup in beautiful New London, PEI. 194988853 Outdoor Wedding Ceremony P.A. sound setup for outdoor Wedding Ceremony! 194988803 Bridal Show 2013 Delta Convention Centre 194989215 Wedding 2016 A cool, in action Pic, from one of our Summer 2016 Weddings!! 203523217 Fall Ceremony 2016 Nice pic of our sound system prior to one of our many outdoor Ceremonies, in Fall 2016 203523218 Wedding 2016 Action Pic Another wonderful 2016 Wedding Dance in action, taken by my DJ's. 203523219 Limbo!! Taken at one of our Wedding Dances in Summer of 2016, this one tells a great story!! Having a ball, doing the Limbo!! 203523220 Various Dance Pic 203529430 Various Dance Pic 203529431 Music PEI Blair Dewar and myself at Music PEI's May Run Festival 2016!! 203529432 Rustic Wedding 205658678 What a time! 205658679 Brand new Logo!! Was time to modernize the business logo!! Looks much better now!! 205828103 New logo!! Reworked by my friends at Sign Craft in Charlottetown! 205828104 B&W new Logo design! 205828105 Outdoor setup at the Rivershed 205828112 Setup at the Rivershed 205828113 Dancing Outdoors at the Rivershed! 205828114 Razzy's Beach House After Party DJ music at CBMF 2019 205828115 Razzy's Beach House After Party DJ music at Cavendish Beach Music Festival 2019 205828116 Razzy's Beach House After Party DJ Music at CBMF 2019. 205828117 Delta Convention Center An overcast day Wedding Ceremony sound setup. 205828118 Outdoor Event with Bose S1 Pro Another outdoor Event with our new battery operated Bose S1 Pro speaker system. Perfect for mobile locations and places without easy access or no access to power. 205874511 Delta Convention Center Overcast weather Ceremony setup on the Deck! 205828119 Clinton Hills Ceremony Another outdoor ceremony, hard to reach access for Power....using our battery operated Bose S1 Pro speaker system! 205874512 Various Wedding Dance Pic 2019 205874513