Equipment Equipment JBL I use mostly JBL speakers for our shows. One of the best professional brands out there, made by Harmon. 95077171 JBL JBL JRX 115 series speakers 95077172 JBL JBL MR 825 speakers 95077173 JBL JBL TR series speakers 95077177 JBL This is the JBL Eon 515 Powered speaker. We use these for a lot of PA systems and ceremonies. 121433582 Bag End A great sounding speaker and also one of the top brands that endure the test of time and quality. 95077176 Bag End Bag End speakers 95077175 Inkel Mixer Inkel Professional DJ mixer 95077178 Gemini I use a variety of Gemini mixers also, one of the leaders in DJ mixer technology. 95077483 Gemini Mixer Workstation Gemini Professional DJ Workstation with integrated CD players. 95077179 Gemini DJ Mixer Gemini Professional DJ Mixer 95077180 Amplifiers I use mostly QSC amps. 95837748 QSC Amp 95837745 QSC Amp 95837746 QSC 1500 amp 95837747