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What type of Music do you play?

We play a wide variety of music at our events.  We usually start out with Old Time Rock & Roll (early), moving through to various 70's, 80's, 90's, 2000's, Country, East Coast and today's Hits and Top 40.  Every Dance is different, and sometimes has a wide range of guests, and various ages, bearing in mind that diverse ages and crowds, have a variety of tastes in Music, that are not always the same.  We can also adapt to any theme or specialty Dance (Salsa/Merengue, Lebanese, Reunions, Eras, etc.) and have done many in the past.  Playing the crowd is key to keeping folks dancing.  With the DJ's knowledge and also with your input, we can keep the floor hopping all night.  The Client can supply special request songs, playlists, and "do not play" songs/styles if they wish.  When booking a Wedding, the one thing that we do require, is for the Client to select their First Waltz choices (Bride & Groom, Bride & Father, Groom & Mother, Wedding Party, etc.) for all those that apply to what the Client wishes to incorporate into their opening Waltzes.  If doing the Bouquet Toss and Garter Toss/Retrieval, the Client can also select songs for those, or leave it up to the DJ to select the most popular.  I always touch base with Clients one to two weeks prior to the Wedding or Dance date, to firm up details and song selections.

When should I book my event?

The further ahead that you can book, the better.  We are normally taking wedding bookings 6 to 12 months ahead.  We also take lots of bookings sooner than this and on shorter notice, but if you want your date booked, especially for weddings, please contact us right away, in order to make sure your date is available. 

Can you play background music throughout the wedding reception?

We can play at the Reception, for an additional fee.  This would be over an above the normal cost of your dance and you would also be responsible to provide a Meal for the DJ, as he would be there extended time and during normal Dinner hour.  Contact us for pricing on this very popular option.

What do you offer for Lighting?

Every dance comes standard with a flashing LED color (red, blue, green) Light Bar, which illuminates the dance floor to set the mood.  We do offer extra Lighting packages, which consist of Club Style lights, such as Lasers and extra LED flashing lights, for an extra charge. 

Do you require a deposit?

We do require a Deposit of $100.00 to reserve your booking date.  Deposits can be paid via Cash, Cheque, Money Order or Interac Email Money Transfer.  Interac Email Money Transfer is safest and most secure method of payment, for the Deposit, and as of the last few years, is the easiest and most efficient way of paying this.  "Deposits are Non-Refundable".

When do you set up your equipment?

In Charlottetown area we usually set up in the early to mid afternoon, depending on the Venue.  Sometimes, based on space, there are Venues that can't accommodate early setups, until the Reception is over.  Please check this out with your Venue, to confirm if there will be ample space for the DJ to setup early.  If your Venue is outside of the City area, we will arrive one hour before your dance is to begin, unless previous arrangements have been made.  Setup times take 20 to 25 minutes on average.  We can arrange an early setup outside of town, but there would be an extra charge for travel and the DJ's time. 

What do you require when setting up your equipment?

All that we require to setup for your event is usually a 6' or 8' table, chair and access to a standard 110V power source.  If playing at an outdoor event or tent, there must be power run from a source or a generator available. Please make sure that a table and chair is available for us when we setup, sometimes this can get overlooked.

Do you charge extra for out of town events?

Generally, we must charge extra for events held outside of the Charlottetown area.  Locations such as Summerside, Montague, Souris, Stanhope, Stanley Bridge, and surrounding areas require an extra charge of $25 to $60 depending on distance to be travelled.  Don't hesitate to email or call with any questions.

Can I rent a P.A. system for my ceremony and/or reception?

Yes you can.  We can setup a P.A. system for your ceremony and/or reception for an extra rental fee.  The system would be setup by us and you can use if for sound.  If you request that a DJ be there to man the sound system through the ceremony/reception, there would be a combined fee for the system rental and DJ's time.  For an "indoor ceremony", you may not need a DJ to man the sound, but for "outdoor ceremonies", a DJ is recommended.  Wind and other outdoor noises can play havoc with sound, and a DJ should be there to adjust volumes accordingly.

What time do you normally finish a dance at?

Our prices are for a 4 hour dance.  Normally, dances are chosen to be 8pm-12am, 8:30pm-12:30am, 9pm-1am and such.  We will play later, and there is an extra fee per hour for that if chosen.  I do recommend for all clients to check with the venue to see what time their "last call" (Bar) is and what time the music has to be shut down by.  Many hotels that have guests rooming in the area of the dance have to be totally finished by 12:30am or 1:00am and nothing past that.  Other venues can go later without affecting anything (such as Crowbush, who will allow until 2:00am).  I stress that you confirm those times with your hotel or venue before deciding on a time for your dance, so there are no suprises.

Can you play longer?

Some clients ask if we can play longer than the normal four hour dance.  Yes, we can.  There is an hourly fee that we charge, over and above, if you wish to have us play longer.  Please contact me for rate.  Some venue's will allow us to play longer, but please make sure that you know what limits or restrictions your venue may have.  Certain venues/hotels will only allow music until 1am, others will allow until 2am if you wish. 

What happens when there is a storm or power outage?

Please, when booking your venues, ask what backup plans they have, should power ever go out.  We do not come equipped with a generator.  We have found that a good number of venues DO have backup power or a generator, and some do not.  Some venue's say "no power, no party", even if the DJ had a generator, some of them would not have power to the actual building.  If we know ahead of time, we can arrange with the client a backup plan, in case your venue doesn't have one (should there be a bad weather forcast on your date).  The chances are minimal that this may happen, but I thought I would touch on the subject, as it's not always something that we think of when booking a reception venue.   This is just something to think about in the back of our minds. I do have a portable gas generator that we can use for outdoor events, if needed.  This is upon request and would be an extra charge.

Do you take requests?

Certainly, we take requests.  Many clients request certain songs beforehand, that we have ready for the dance.  We also take requests from guests throughout the dance, but can not guarantee, however, that every request will get played, or that we will have every song requested.  We play as many requests as possible, but sometimes time and the amount of songs will not always allow to get everything on.  Sometimes a guest will request a song that is not danceable, or that "may" clear the dancefloor.  In situations like this, we "may" not play the requested song.  Our ultimate goal is to keep people dancing and the dancefloor active.  If a song request is totally out of character to dance to, and may risk clearing the dancefloor, it may not get played.  Requests don't always get played immediately, sometimes we work them into the music where they best fit.

When do you require our First Dance and other song choices?

I "must" have all of your song choices (First Waltz, Bride/Father, Groom/Mother, Wedding Party, etc. for all that apply to you) by "one week" prior to your date.  This allows time to work on your dance, in case we need to source any songs or versions for you.  If you leave it too late in the week, and an issue arises, it leaves no room to react.  As part of this request, we also need to know if you plan to do the Bouquet & Garter toss.  If so, you can select songs for that and forward with your waltz choices, or you can leave it up to us to play the most popular choices.  If you are not planning to do the Bouquet & Garter, please let me know, so I can make note of it.  Same goes for any other song/artist/styles requests that may have (or songs/styles that you don't want to hear).  I would really appreciate an email a week prior with all of this information, so we can get everything together for your dance.  Sometimes this is the last thing that Clients think about, with thier aleady hectic schedule the week of the wedding.  With the number of events we do each week,  we really need these as soon as possible.

Can I give you a play list?

Yes, you may give us a "must play" list for your dance.  Some clients just want us to do what we do best, and get the dancefloor going.  Other clients will send a small list of "must play" songs, that we will mix into our regular sets through the night, and some will even select all of their music for the dance.  I do stress a few things, however.  What works the best, from my experience, is if you have a small number of songs that you want to call "must plays" (10-20 songs on average) and we mix them into the night.  You can highlight on styles that you like, such as 80's, Top 40, Country, East Coast, etc. (for example) and we will mix more of those types into the night.  I have noticed a few things in my 18 years of DJ'ing.  If the client is planning to pick a larger amount of the songs for the night, please be aware of what your guests may be into (for music taste).  The goal is to keep everyone dancing, and if the songs chosen are not known or danceable by a large amount of your wedding party and guests, they will not go over well with the crowd.  A few clients have asked my thoughts on having guests select one song they would like to hear at the dance, when mailing back an RSVP to attend the wedding.  What I have found here, and discourage, is that guests will reply with certain requests that are not playable or danceable, and then you are somewhat obligated to have us play those choices, which risk clearing the dancefloor.  Again, these are just a few notables from my experience over the years.  You are the potential Client, and can custom doctor your event the way you choose, this is just some good information to consider if you're planning to do a larger list.   I can also email you our master music list, which may help for some of your favorite song choices. 

What do I need for my Ceremony?

Many times, we will rent a P.A. system and have a DJ present for the Ceremony (extra charges apply), especially now that a lot of Ceremonies are taking place outside or in another venue.  A DJ is recommended if you are renting a system for the Ceremony, in order to monitor and adjust sound levels and play any music you may have chosen.  Also, many clients have a live musician or singer that has to plug into our system for the Ceremony, not to mention a Microphone for the Officiator.  One area that gets forgotten by clients when there is a live musician, is what do they require in order to hook into our system?  They may have their own cords, D.I. boxes or microphones, but many do not.  If they don't, we can get the tools needed, but we have to know ahead of time, in order to prepare. Sometimes too, there are locations that don't have power, such as on the Beach or other remote area.  In this case, you would have to have a Generator on site, or Rent one from us, which we would bring along and setup, for an extra charge.

Do you play for Same Sex Weddings?

Yes, Music Express has played for a number of Same Sex Weddings and Events.  Please don't hesitate to contact us if you would like more information.

Do you play Club Music or are you a Club DJ?

We are "not" Club DJ's.  We specialize in Weddings and other Events.  Some Clients in the past, have not given us proper direction as to what types of music they are looking for, and when we arrive, are expecting that we have various Club type songs, Remixes, Explicit Lyrics, House music, and so on.  We "must" be advised beforehand, if you are looking for any types of music, outside of the "norm", that you would hear at a Wedding or average Event.